Performance. Cardboard Confessional

Audrey Baldwin, Oscar Bannan, Bridget Harris, Neil MacLeod, Annemieke Montagne, Patricia Parkin, Jennifer Katherine Shields

12:30PM - Late afternoon
91 Hereford St (Spark Park) 

Local artist Audrey Baldwin has been working closely with youth to create a performance piece outlining their identities as young people living in Ōtautahi, Christchurch.

For the past three weeks, the group has been working on the design and construction of Cardboard Confessional – a performance piece that focuses on the identity of being a Christchurch citizen and the fragile nature of the city.


Cardboard Confessional will be made in Spark Park, 91 Hereford Street, Saturday 24 September. The group have worked to design a performative artwork, which offers a place to vent frustrations, as well as providing a space for critical thinking about the rebuild. The public are invited to participate by can range from every day inconveniences of daily life in Ōtautahi, to the confession of a bad deed or experience.

The performance consists of two acts: act one being the physical construction of the confessional, which will be handmade by the group out of cardboard; a nod to the cardboard cathedral, the temporary nature of inner-city Christchurch and the need to find DIY solutions within communities. Act two will be the actual confessions taking place, as audience members walk into the structure and speak anonymously with members of the group to share their confessions.

 This performance is the culmination of a three week workshops series run by CoCA Centre of Contemporay Art Toi Moroki, in collaboration with White Elephant Trust and with support from Life in Vacant Spaces and the Christchurch City Council Transitional Fund.

 Saturday 24th September, Spark Park Hereford St. The group will be on-site from 12:30 onwards.