Toolbox Talk. Cassandra Barnett on Vertigo Sea and Tirohanga

Bridget Reweti, Excuse me, you're in my shot (still), 2012. 

Bridget Reweti, Excuse me, you're in my shot (still), 2012. 

Please join us at CoCA for this free talk, 11am Saturday 25 June.


CoCA has invited Cassandra Barnett to explore the artworks and the rich territories between John Akomfrah’s Vertigo Sea and Bridget Reweti’s Tirohanga. The artists and their exhibitions share some interesting symmetries. Both deploy cinematic and photographic techniques to engage with broader cultural discourses, both have been involved with artist collectives, and both offer an alternate (postcolonial and/or decolonising) perspective to the dominant hegemony. Cassandra will give a talk in response to the exhibitions which expands the trajectories of the artworks - encompassing, for instance, concepts of kaitiakitanga and posthumanism - and examines the context of exhibiting them together here in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Cassandra Barnett (Ngāti Raukawa) is a writer who seeks relations between contemporary philosophies of art, postcolonial and decolonising thought, and indigenous (including African) and kaupapa Maori aesthetics.


No booking required. Just meet in reception ten minutes before the talk.