Performance. Current Clinician

As part of MAKING SPACE, The Social have created their own internal gallery and open studio space. You will encounter everything from live and upcoming performances to the administrative work which goes into the running of The Social.


This week in The Social's open working studio space: 
The Department of Art Relations and Therapy will be warming your bones and gallery experience at lunchtime Thursday. Pick up a perfectly heated hot water bottle and keep it with you during your visit to CoCA. 


Department of Art Therapy and Relations- Current Clinician - Lucy Matthews


Their practice almost always involves other humans. with an aim to provide new experiences that foster connection, a new perspective and some introspection about human relations. Sometimes they are light and simple gestures and sometimes more pointed and political but all consider and take to heart the human condition. Lucy Matthews is a Department of Art Relations and Therapy clinician, a graduate of Ilam school of fine arts, a mum, a psychotherapist and someone who is generally intrigued by the human experience.