Children's Workshop. CoCA Create! Cardboard Construction

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Christchurch-based artist and teacher Gaby Montejo will lead a series of kids workshops in response to the two major projects by Tiffany Singh currently exhibiting at CoCA.

Tiffany Singh’s exhibition combines two major works of hers, OM MANI PADME HUM (an expansive installation of colourful ribbon, bells, and the Tibetan Buddhist mantra ‘om mani padme hum’) and The Journey of a Million Miles, a project which involves the collection and sharing of stories of migration to New Zealand.

This workshop, running daily at 11am 17-19 July, will involve a large scale communal project where kids will learn manipulation and fastening techniques with cardboard craft architecture. This workshop responds to Tiffany Singh’s Journey installation, and focusses on the concepts of storytelling and city-building.

Workshops run 11am - 12.30pm, suitable for kids 5 - 13, $10 entry, booking essential!

Caregivers welcome for free, and essential for kids under 8.