Performance. Me And My Salu Lima

February 12 2017

Me and My Salu Lima

Leafa Wilson
Beginning at Transitional Cathedral (234 Hereford St) and walking through Cathedral Square to Spark Park 91 Hereford St
1:00 PM


Leafa's performance references the history of migrant labour in New Zealand and the strong presence of migrant workers in Ōtautahi Christchurch particularly during the rebuild.

Leafa will use her salu lima (hand broom) to sweep. This simple, repetitive action, rather than perpetuating certain problematic stereotypes becomes an action representing the sense of pride associated with the hard work carried out by the migrant workers. Leafa’s own history is entwined with the history of migrant labour in New Zealand and her performance brings attention to the important presence of these workers in Ōtautahi Christchurch.


This performance is part of CoCA's offsite Summer Performance Series. Thanks to the CCC Transitional Cities Fund for their support.