Performance. Mettle

Julia Harvie, in response to Pauline Rhodes’ Time Ongoing, will be a constant performative presence throughout the day, working with stillness, incremental movements, long and repetitive states, slow motion and construction. The body will be another material integrated into the larger body of Rhodes' work. While Julia's experience will be constant, for the viewer it will be comparatively brief. The work will be a meditation on time with a delicate and subtle endurance requiring all her attention and focus.


Julia Harvie is an award winning New Zealand dance artist. She graduated from UNITEC in 2003 with a BPSA in Contemporary Dance. Julia’s practice involves multi-disciplinary collaborations, civic engagement, architecture and improvisation. She tends towards challenging dominant power structures through non-theatrical settings which led to richer consideration of audience perspective and the female body as a powerful political site. She has worked for a wide range or New Zealand's foremost choreographers. Her work has toured throughout New Zealand and has been presented in Taiwan and Australia. She is also the Artistic Director of Movement Art Practice in Christchurch.