Children's Workshop. The Wicked Wicking Workshop with Greening the Rubble

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Easy care gardening for your window sill. 


Greening the Rubble has been creating green spaces on empty land around the city.  Making plants grow where people go… and naturally, people go where plants grow! As part of the CoCa Gallery's Precarious Nature exhibition Greening the Rubble has installed wicking planter boxes fronting the gallery café and street.  Made from recycled materials, these planters have character and use water efficiently.  'Wicking' means that water is drawn up from a reservoir or pool below the plants which can last for weeks.  Watering from the bottom up. Wicked!


Would you like to see wicking in action? Do you want to green up your room with a new plant 'pet'? In this kids workshop participants will learn to make and plant their own mini wicking plant pot from recycled bottles.  See other (edible) examples  of wicking too.  Plants make us happy and gardening is fun, so come along and see how it's done!


$5 covers workshop materials as well as the edible wicking example! Perfect for kids aged 5-12 (under 7 bring an adult). If it's a nice day, bring a hat - we'll do it outside!