Canterbury Potters Association

The Canterbury Potters Association is celebrating its 50th annual exhibition of ceramic works by their members.

The exhibition, held in Canterbury Museum at CoCA at 66 Gloucester Street, will feature dozens of ceramic artworks by Canterbury artists along with work by guest exhibitors Kim Henderson and Duncan Shearer.  

Kim Henderson graduated from the design school at Christchurch Polytechnic in 1991. She began creating ceramic artworks after attending pottery classes at the Canterbury Potters Association. She set up a pottery studio in her home in 2009. Her work often features complex designs and subtle colour schemes.

Duncan Shearer makes distinctive ceramic works with speckled glaze patterns. He creates the rich textures by using a wood kiln and spraying soda ash solution on the clay while it is being fired. Since moving to the Coromandel, he has been experimenting with a local clay harvested from his own land.

The Canterbury Potters Association has supported potters and ceramic artists in Christchurch and the Canterbury region for over half a century.
Presented in conjunction with Canterbury Museum