David Green: Extraviado

Extraviado interweaves digital grattage with home movies filmed in the early and middle decades of the last century. 

While the captured moments are performed intentionally for the camera, also trapped in the emulsion are unintentional behaviours, objects, and environmental details; we witness the emergence of a new social class, built on the solid promise of science, technology, and unbounded resource.

David Green’s video artwork often appropriates and re-contextualise motion pictures produced by both professionals and amateurs in order to release their iconological meanings. He has an interest in the phenomenology and the neurology of perception as they inform the collaborative engagement between artwork and viewer. David lectures in Photography and Electronic Arts at The Dunedin School of Art

Extraviado, 2019, D.Green, with noise by Gabriel Griffin and Ro Rushton-Green

HD digital video, sound, 15 minutes 13 Seconds