Lawrence English & Werner Dafeldecker: Fall

Fall was filmed during the decaying moments of summer 2010 on the Antarctic Peninsula at Esperanza Bay. 

These recorded moments capture the transition between the two opposing seasons of Antarctic. Each continent presents particular conditions of seasonality and in the case of Antarctica, these seasonal ruptures are radical and unpredictable; something that continues to become more radicalised in the light of climate change.  

Lawrence English is an artist, composer and curator based in Australia. Working across an array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work explores the politics of perception and prompts questions of field, perception and memory. English utilises a variety of approaches including visceral live performance and site-specific installation to create work that invites audiences to consider their relationship to listening, place and embodiment. Over the past decade he has worked with sound as a medium for embodied experience and is determined to share his interests in the transformative and sensorial transgressive possibilities of sound. He is a Sidney Myer Creative fellow, was awarded an outstanding doctorial thesis award in conjunction with his PhD in 2017 and has been supported by the Mike Kelley Foundation for his latest installation in Los Angeles, Seirá.