MAP Resides

MAP Resides is an exhibition of Movement Art Practice archives, curated by Janaína Moraes and Kat Stefanova. 

At Movement Art Practice (MAP), the art residencies have been moment-places we hosted and directly supported 43 artists who, in their own ways, were facing a point of transition within their practice – a question, a dilemma, a desire, a dream, a blur, an unknown. Without the imposition of resolution, our residencies offered time and space for artists to dwell in their works with a sense of rest, release, research, re-imagination.

In MAP Resides, we invite you to celebrate MAP’s art residency programmes by stepping into a journey of recollected memories of residing / desiring / re-siding. We place gestures of remembrance weaving together MAP’s visual documentation with texts, videos, and objects, acknowledging the gaps within the fragmented mo(ve)ments and hi/stories. This show is a curation of our residencies archives, featuring fragments of the experiences of some of the artists we hosted between 2015 and 2024. 

This show is also an invitation to re-side with MAP: as we celebrate our past, we invite you to think/dream what a future – as a community that moves together – could look like. We extend the call to walk backwards into the future: ka mua, ka muri.


Sean Curhams MAP residency blog post:

What is Research?