Tyne Gordon: Visitor

CoCA is excited to present a body of work from Tyne Gordon that responds to her own experience of natural phenomena in New Zealand.

In 'Visitor', a liminal experience is created in the space between boundaries (domesticity, walls, corners, geometry) and expansion (wilderness, organic material, infinity, atmosphere, liquidity). 'Visitor' is a continuation of Gordon’s interest in internal and external concepts of landscape and the body, seen through a ritualistic, alien lens.   

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"'Visitor' is a conjuration that allows the dichotomy between the human body and the non-human landscape to be temporarily transcended."


- Jasmine Gallagher

Tyne Gordon graduated from Ilam School of Fine Arts with a BFA (honors) in 2015. Gordon was awarded the Susan Ethel Jones travelling scholarship in 2016 and is the 2018 Olivia Spencer Bower recipient. She has a long association with Christchurch, and her practice of painting and sculpture is constantly evolving.