Ways of Knowing

CoCA is excited to announce two new exhibitions opening late May and mid-June, outcomes of our newly established Emerging Curators Programme designed to support early-career curators to develop group exhibitions.

Part I: Painting show
Opening on Friday 31 May, 5.30pm
Exhibition dates: 1 June to 16 June

Part II: Object show
Opening on Thursday 20 June, 5.30pm
Exhibition dates: 21 June to 5 July


Emerging curators, Meg Doughty and Monica Wang have developed two group exhibitions on behalf of CoCA. The pair invited artists from the pool of extremely high-quality proposals received during CoCA's first Open Call for Proposals (2023) to exhibit in this group show. Keep an eye on our social media channels for an exciting public programme throughout both exhibitions.

Part I: Painting show

This exhibition explores who canonises knowledge and whose knowledge is canonised. Featuring artists who engage with othered ways of knowing, the paintings in this show challenge the old masters, and are shaped by intuition, the subconscious, the whenua, and the liminal.

In dreaming, in the earth, together, and by gut, these ways of knowing have been hidden by unhelpful Enlightenment-era dichotomies of public and private, the rational and emotional, the masculine and the feminine. 

Part II: Object show

The sustained efforts of Indigenous peoples, the pressures of the climate crisis, and the ecocritical turn in art history have ushered in a flurry of earth-centred exhibitions. As artists worldwide express the collective anxiety of the threats to the symbiotic webs of interbeing humanity occurs within, conversation, creative expression, and activism merge. In the presence of totalising categories, like the Anthropocene, this exhibition considers local ecologies through their material and relational facets.

Meg Doughty is an emerging curator and art writer based in Õtautahi. Her art history master’s focuses on feminist, postcolonial, and ecocritical research.

Monica Wang is an emerging curator with a background as an artist and architect based in Ōtautahi. Her curatorial practice focuses on the way contemporary art reflects on surrounding environments.

Part I: Painting featuring

Ferne McIntosh
Ava Trevella
Estefania Mondaca Fibla
Sam Walker
Samantha Allen
Karen Greenslade
Anita DeSoto

Part II: Object featuring

Mi Kyung Jang
Colleen Altagracia
Rachel Ratten
Rachel Sleigh
Amy Unkovich